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SMS system for students

Write tour SMS identificator if you want to recieve info about paragliding lessons

Need help? What is your mobile provider?

To recieve SMS-ID, please send SMS with text: ADRESE NAME.SURNAME to 29319915. Please type your name and surname without any macrons, apostrophes, cedillas or umlauts

To activate SMS-ID send SMS text: ON to 1612. Your SMS-ID is:, where 371xxxxxxxx is your phone number.

Your SMS-ID is, where 371xxxxxxxx is your phone number.


About the Powered Paraglider

A powered paraglider is a unique combination of the wing and a small engine which makes a light powered aircraft with unique flying and manoeuvring properties. It is the lightest aircraft of the range of motor-powered aircraft. A paramotor without fuel weighs 20–30 kg.

A powered paraglider may take off from virtually any small area which is free of obstacles and where flying is allowed according to Latvian airspace usage regulations. Approx. 80 per cent of the territory of Latvia is suitable for paragliding and motor gliding subject to altitude restrictions. The flight time depends on the quantity of fuel in the fuel tank. A standard fuel tank suffices for 3 to 4 hours of flight. If the engine is turned off, the flight continues in the free flight mode.


Paramotoru Galerija 18
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