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The founders of the Flight School Adrenalins are among the best paraglider pilots in Latvia and have been flying paragliders since 1996. They have acquired the necessary experience gradually by way of self-study: flights from mountains and hills, technical characteristics of the flight techniques, and have improved their flight skills in different flight modes. This period can be described as the difficult inception phase of paragliding in Latvia.

Time went on, and we did not stand still, either; an idea to organise a standardised paragliding training process was born: we bought quality equipment, learned how to pull students (people interested in paragliding without any experience) up in the air by means of a winch, developed a training programme which was approved by the Civil Aviation Administration.

In 2002 the Flight School Adrenalins was awarded a paragliding pilot training licence. One could count our pupils on one’s fingers during the first years of our operation; now the School prepares several dozen pilots during one season. Several of our students also participate in international competitions in various disciplines. Currently the School has complete, high-quality equipment for training needs: winches, paragliders, hangers, walkie-talkies, reserve parachutes etc. The training consists of theory (10% of the time of studies) and practice (90% of the time of studies). Instructors and technical staff work at the School. Upon completion of the training course a student has to take an examination given by a representative of the Latvian Paragliding Federation (the LPF) in order to obtain an IPPI card. The examination includes both theory and practice. The School also organizes refresher courses (SIV) over the water and thermal flight courses in the mountains. The School uses the Aerodrome of Rumbula for its training needs on weekday evenings, when the wind speed does not exceed 6m/s and there is no precipitation. After obtaining a pilot's license the pilot may join our club. The Club organizes flights outside Riga on weekends and trips abroad 4–5 times a year. The geography of such trips is quite broad: we have been to almost all €opean countries and to Africa (Morocco), Asia (Nepal, Tajikistan, and India). The Club has other traditions as well.

If you are not sure whether paragliding is the right thing for you, try a tandem flight with an instructor, which allows you to enjoy hovering freely above the ground and to see the vicinity from a bird’s eye view – to enjoy the magic of paragliding.

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