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Rules on airfield Rumbula

  1. Upon arrival to fly please park your car so that it does not hinder pilots during the take-off and operation of the winch machine. Take note of the force of wind gusts and direction instability as well as the take-off style of less experienced pilots and students. Do not block the exit for the airplane parking lot at the NW end of the Rumbula Aerodrome runway.
  2. Take care of your car as well as the health of other pilots and that of your own. And do not hinder the activities of flyers.
  3. Equipment: in addition to the minimum equipment laid down by the LPF Rules each pilot must have a walkie-talkie and a variometer (altimeter). Pilots will not be pulled up in the air unless they have a walkie-talkie and a variometer.
  4. One must prepare for the take-off so as not to interfere with other pilots during their take-off or landing. This means that a pilot spreads out the wing (prepares it for a flight) on the side or at the rear of the take-off area. The ground-handling of wings is done in the rear of the take-off area, taking note of those pilots who are coming in for a landing, that is to say, lowering the wing so that it does not hinder the other pilot during the landing.
  5. Leaving one’s equipment in the take-off area unattended is strictly forbidden! The equipment must be collected during a break and placed on the side of the take-off area.
  6. A pilot may take the take-off position only when he or she is fully ready for a flight.
  7. Airspace limitations: at the Aerodrome of Rumbula, flying is allowed over the aerodrome territory within the distance of free hovering and at the maximum altitude of 457m (1500 feet) above sea level.
  8. During the pull-up using a winch a pilot must follow the altitude. As the pilot approaches the altitude of 450 m above sea level, he or she must inform the winch operator over the radio or by folding the right ear of the wing (if contacting over the radio is not possible).
  9. Once unhitched from the cable (winch), a pilot must clear the winching corridor so as not to prevent other pilots from using the winch.
  10. Air manoeuvres: when flying over the Aerodrome of Rumbula, it is forbidden to do any acrobatic stunts or SIV manoeuvres without the instructor’s permission and supervision.
  11. Any directions given by the flight manager, instructor or winch operator must be carried out immediately and without any objections.
  12. After the landing the equipment must be collected and the take-off area must be cleared immediately, except where a repeat take-off is done instantly.
  13. In case of breach of the rules a reprimand will be issued to the pilot, in case of repeat and/or gross breaches the pilot will be deprived of the possibility to use the winch at the Club Adrenalins.
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